Mircrim Water Works.

We are Water Treatment Plant Operators

Our goal is simple, “provide great, talented operators and mechanics who are an extension
of the city they proudly represent at a cost that helps ensure budgets are met".

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The Details

Micrim Labs, Inc. has been proudly servicing local clients for over 30 years. Micrim Water Works, Inc. was started in 2012 to provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, for municipal water treatment services. Micrim Water Works, Inc. provided a bid to the City of Lauderhill (RFP Number 2012-025) Water Plant Relief Operator and Mechanics in late 2012. The bids are available for viewing at www.lauderhill-fl.gov. Upon conclusion of the bidding and vetting process, Micrim Water Works, Inc. earned the contract from the City of Lauderhill. As concluded from the process, Micrim Water Works, Inc. provided substantial savings to the city and its residents. In all, the savings equaled over $250,000 annually. Concerns the representatives from the City of Lauderhill had were our ability to provide the needed, high level of services demanded by the city and their residents. Understandably, Micrim Water Works, Inc. was branching out into a new field. It became more clear throughout the city’s due diligence process that the management experience and strong financial position of Micrim Water Works, Inc. was more than capable of providing the needed services. Throughout the process, many questions were raised. Excessive costs were certainly a motivating factor for the city but the level of service was just as important. Micrim Water Works, Inc. was able to provide a team of licensed operators and mechanics that have outperformed all expectations. The team was able to step in and take over operations with only a three-day notice, fully staffed and getting to work immediately. It was made clear that the plant was in need of maintenance. Completed in April 2013, six out of seven filter beds were completely replaced. All related maintenance and necessary repairs were completed in record time. This was a major project and the City of Lauderhill and staff of Micrim Water Works worked diligently to resolve the matter. Today the plant is in full operation. Al Ghebrehiwet, Water Plant Supervisor (786-262-2211) has kindly praised the dedication, effort and production of the Micrim Water Works, Inc. team. He has watched his plant improve daily thanks to the hard working, dedicated support staff of Micrim Water Works.