Welcome to Micrim Labs

We are a Microbiology lab with over 35 years
of experience in Animal and Environmental Analysis .
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The Details

Typically, there's no charge for a consultation
Results provided in a 48-72hr timeframe
Very competitive pricing
Complete history provided
Safe sample testing
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We Specialize in the Following


Micrim Labs provides a full fungal workup for all our veterinary clients. This includes yeast ID's, dermatophytes and relevant fungi. Most fungi are brought down to a species level.


Our in house service entails routine H&E stains on both surgical and biopsy tissues. Specimens are processed in lab under industry standards, thus enabling favorable results.


Micrim Labs provides a full workup for all of our veterinary clients. This includes bacterial identification, susceptibilty, gram stains, acid fast stain and mycoplasma culture.


Micrim Labs performs fecal parasite examination on horses, dogs, cats and avians.

Water Testing Service

We are able to perform Heterotrophic plate counts (HPC) and coliform testing on drinking water and ICE for human consumption.

Environmental Testing Service

Micrim Labs provides a number of bacterial and fungal analysis on various environmental sites. This includes surface testing, air sampling, spore traps and cultures, nonpotable water, soil and bulk testing. We also offer sterility analysis for food, cosmetological and pharmacuetical samples.