Welcome to Micrim Labs

What We Do.

Sterility Testing

We are offering maintenance and sterility testing for veterinarian clients. Clients have become proactive in testing their operating, laboratory and waiting areas as a result of greater concern for potential pathogen contamination. Micrim labs will provide a full bacterial and/or fungal analysis for all viable organisms that may be of great concern to the vets, staff and clients. Simply use one of our swabs and sample the area of concern. Note location of collection site on the lab requisition form and indicate that it is for environmental testing purpose.

Pathology Testing

Yes! We are proud to announce that Dr. F. Sam Kennedy, DVM, DACVP will be overseeing our patholoy services. Typically there's no charge for consultations. Our turnaround time is within 72 hours. Result will be transmitted digitally.

Culture & Susceptibility Testing

This is an intro to the world of Micrim labs. As a signup bonus we will offer you the Doctor (1) free culture per month and a 10% discount to your employees. After 31 years of doing business in the South Florida area we strive on helping local clients grow. We offer hands on analysis and consultations which are usually free.